Campania Region and Irpinia territory are perceived as treasures of an ancient and refined vine variety, that outlines a firmly traditional enology always more appreciated in the world. Irpinia lands are one of the oldest vine settlement and they are still characterised by centenary lineages in many vineyards.

Vitis Hellenica, Vitis Apiana, Vinum Album Phalanginum and Aminea Gemina wines, celebrated by Cicerone, Plinio, Marziale and Virgilio in the ancient times, are the ancestors of Aglianico, Fiano, Falanghina and Greco di Tufo .



The bond between the vine and Irpinia territory is proved by copious archeological evidences, documenting the excellent wines quality; It’s no coincidence that they were recognized as “Emperor’s wines”, witnesses of a secular wine cult tradition in Campania.

The cultural heritage of this Region reflects the production of fine and traditional wines, with easily recognizable aromatic profiles. This can be attributed to the cautious choice of territorial figures of protecting and encouraging local vines, by recovering native species variety.

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