The story began in 1959 with the foundation of the first winery in Taurasi.

Its activity followed with the construction of a second facility in 1972 that become in those years Taurasi’ s wine cooperative.
This was a relevant step.
The territory of Irpinia is particularly devoted to the grapes cultivation, although it represents a challenge because of its morphology. Estates were small and each winegrower owned just few land hectares. This meant that they weren’t able to own private vines.
Taurasi’s wine cooperative is, in this sense, the answer to the need of a structure able to host winegrowers during the vinification period. The precious consequence is the preservation of vines and therefore of the genetic endowment of Irpinia’ s native vineyards, with all their expressions.
The wine cooperative was equipped with all modern machineries, as in the case of the 79 cement tanks used by Antica Hirpinia during the vinification process.
In 1992 the cellar, already called Antica Hirpinia, corked up the bottle number 00000001 of Taurasi DOCG.

Antica Hirpinia is a private cellar today, led by a group of friends who took over it in 2016. They have gathered their strengths, their vineyards and their lives to realise a common dream: to produce wines able to communicate the strength and the intensity of their land, besides the vitality burning from their passion.

"Mother Nature’s strength and our desire of protecting the lively spirit of Irpinia lie in each bunch of grapes. Our hearts enshrine the respect and the loyalty for those who, with us or after us, will explore what Irpinia is able to do.".

La bottaia e le piccole botti di rovere francese

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